How to find a hairdressing or beauty industry job fast?

If you are looking for a job in the hair or beauty industry, we are here for you!

Do you want to progress in your career or find a new opportunity? Here are our tips to get the best job ever!

1. Check our job board

Every day, we post multiple new ads in our job section. We have ads for reputable and professional salons and clinics all across Australia and New Zealand. Check our job board regularly and find your future job easily.

2. Send your resume

The more you send your resume, the more likely you are to be selected! You have to ‘put yourself out there’. Bonus tip: attach a Cover Letter to each application. Make sure you address it to that particular salon/clinic and list
any skills/experience you have that’s directly related to their job ad. Applications with a Cover Letter are 5x more likely to be viewed than those without!

3. Show off your talent

To convince employers to select you, publish your pictures of hairstyles or treatments you can do. They appreciate your commitment and your efforts. You can be spotted and receive unsuspected proposals… Hairstyling & beauty skills are a craft, your work is always on display! If you have an Instagram account showcasing your work, make sure to put this at the top of your resume and cover letter.

4. Make yourself noticed

The more active you are in the hair & beauty community, the more likely you are to be spotted. Join Facebook groups within your profession, and post any great work you’ve created. Comment on others posts if you see someone else’s great work, too.

5. Dare to reach out to your dream salon, even if they’re not advertising

There are still many unsolicited applications that are being successful. They are well appreciated especially in the hairdressing and beauty industry! There’s a high turnover of staff in this industry, and a new job opportunity may be just around the corner. Even if they’re not looking now, they may be in the near future.

Showing initiative gets you ahead of the rest. Print off your resume and a cover letter telling that particular salon/clinic why you’d love to work with them. Go into the business and let them know you’re interested in working with them if any vacancies do pop up. Ask for an email address for the owner, and follow up with an email letting them know you dropped a resume in and would love to hear from them if any opportunities arise. Remember: always tell them why you want to work for THEIR salon/clinic, and why you think you’d be an asset.

6. Try word of mouth

Talk to people! Talk to your friends, family, workmates. Let them know what your passion is. Say, you’re going to a Barbecue with your partner on the weekend and you meet his friends. Talk about your passions and you never know-they could know someone looking for staff!

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