What Do You Look for in a Resume?

So, you’ve recently posted a job ad for your salon, and have started to receive applications.

Riddle me this! What do you look for in a resume?
In a perfect world, you would be getting professionally designed, formatted and complete with all the up-to-date and relevant information.

Unfortunately, this is not our reality, and often isn’t the case. Candidates are human and may have just simply not thought that some information is important.

So how do you navigate through a resume?
First check your non negotiables – based on the perfect applicant and then make quick note of things that you would potentially considering compromising.

Look at the contact details, check to see if they have included the suburb where they live, if not make a note to ask. Some may Sydney, now that’s a big place.

Yes, you need to check if they have the relevant qualifications you are looking for, or are working towards them? If you are not satisfied, call them talk with them about what’s missing.

Its important to factor any break in a resume. However, you also need to find out why. It’s been a difficult few years, with lockdowns. So, prepare some questions, don’t integrate, just ask why.

Are you looking at a resume and the searching them via their socials? While its very tempting writing a person off-based posted may be a little too premature.

So, the key is to know what you want and understand it could take time finding the right match for you and your salon/business.

Remember, it has to be a win/win, and there may need to be some compromise.
Remember, that this is a working relationship, and needs to be developed and nurtured, just like our other relationships.

Don’t worry – if it all sounds daunting – we are here for you and can assist you through the maze of recruiting.

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