What You Say in Voicemails and Texts to Applicants is SO Important

You’ve taken the time to write an ad and paid the money to put it up on job boards and social media. You’ve received a good applicant! Yay! You call them (straight away) – no answer. You send them a text or leave them a voicemail (or both).


How true does this sound?

We hear this all the time.

I spoke to a salon owner earlier in the week. He was doing ALL the right things. Calling them right away when they apply, sending a friendly text – and was getting NO replies! ‘They must all be on centrelink and don’t really want a job’ he said to me.

He was looking for an Apprentice. I suggested he leave a SUPER friendly, bubbly and excited voicemail saying he’s read their resume and would LOVE to meet with them for a chat.

He called me yesterday – it worked! He has 2 booked in for interview.

Yes, we’re all stressed and worried when we can’t find staff, and your tone WILL come across in voicemails and in texts. You want to come across as friendly, approachable, excited to meet with them. ESPECIALLY if you’re looking for Apprentices or younger staff. It can be SCARY for them to make a phone call (they do everything through apps) – make them WANT to call you back. Make it less scary. Try changing this one thing and see what happens.

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