The salon industry is no stranger to poor staff retention and high employee turnover, and it is no wonder managers and owners are obsessed with curbing this problem. That said, while having a few employees could cause strain on the business, the impact is far less than having a demotivated team. When one of your employees is demotivated and unhappy, odds are the rest of the team will be affected as well, and soon the downward spiral will be hard to catch.

Luckily, there are some proven techniques that can help you look after your salon and spa staff to avert the challenges that come with poor employee retention and high turnover. Here they are.

Create a culture and stick by it

A clear and well-defined culture is an essential framework that controls the day-to-day interactions and association in the company. Don’t just write a few words on a poster and call it your culture. An effective company culture is one that defines your business’s mission, and goals promote teamwork and communication as well as embraces the diversity of its people. Done right, the culture you build could potentially be what helps you gain an edge over other businesses. Notably, it’s important to involve your staff in the process of creating your culture as they will more likely embrace it.

Understand everyone’s temperament

No two people are alike is a maxim that should control how you associate with everyone in your staff. Every member of your staff will have different personality traits, interests, and threshold for what pushes them over the edge. Take the time to get to know the people who work for you, and using this information, initiate techniques that gives everybody a little bit of what they need to stay engaged and motivated. Reading extensively and interacting widely with many people will give you the basics to get started on the right foot with everyone, including clients.

Empower the staff

A boss that does everything does not need staff and will quickly lose the respect of the staff. Micromanaging and trying to dictate an employee’s every move will also kill their motivation. It will disconnect them from being independent, and when you are not around, ‘nothing’ will work to your standards. It’s better to give the employees autonomy and allow them to exercise their profession—after all, you like them, and hopefully can train them, and trust them. Adapting a directive approach to management and hands-off when needed gives the employees a sense of ownership, and their response to work will also be as personal and involved.

Grow your business

Giving your staff more money and more avenues to earn more income makes it economically interesting to stay around. A vibrant business with proper management and a balanced work environment is the ideal way to take care of the employees besides all the talking, meetings, and frameworks you can establish. Competing businesses will always make it enticing for your staff to work for them so, regularly benchmark salaries and make sure that the package you give is competitive enough if you want to retain your best talent. Adding a commission and rewards scheme to earn extra income will also spur hard work and dedication from the employees.

Create an inspiring work environment

The environment your staff works in has a big impact on their output and motivation.

Having the basics like good private spaces, workstations, rest areas, and ensuring everything is ergonomic and practical will make it easy and refreshing for them to work in. You could improve the ambiance with a good sound system, décor and this will also improve the client experience.

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