When looking for staff, it is important to stand out from all of the salons and businesses, to ensure that you attract the right team member for you and your salon.

We suggest including all of the benefits of why a good team member would like to join your salon, as well as who you are looking for and what you want of course!

For example: due to Covid, Jobseeker and Jobkeeper, there has been a lot of uncertainty last year. Therefore, we are looking for more stability in our lives, so it is important to add this into your advertising campaign.

Salary range

It’s a good idea to put in a salary range or hourly rate – instead of just “great” rate of pay. I know it is hard to pay above award for someone you are not sure of… however it is wise to think about this… remember… as the old saying goes… ”if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”. The same in our business. We want to secure someone good, so we need to think about rewarding them financially as well.


Is there parking and public transport nearby? Especially if you have a fantastic team member, you may want to either subsidies paid parking or pay for same.

  • What day/s is the salon closed, and do you close over Christmas?
  • Do you cover tools of trade, or do they need to bring their own?
  • Do you provide uniforms or uniform allowance?
  • Are there fun activities that you do together, or paid lunches, winery tours, massages?
  • Do they have their birthday off?
  • Is there flexibility with work hours?
  • Do they have their services complimentary and products at cost?
  • How much training and education do they receive?

What else can we do to entice your next team member?

Some feedback from candidates… many are looking for school hours (due to childcare costs etc.), so if this is something you can offer, this could be a good option for you.

You may think…. why should I offer all of this?

The reason is because to spend money and time finding a good team member, which is costly and time consuming, plus add in training and education.

If you lose a great team member, you will lose a lot more money – clients may go elsewhere, or follow the team member who leaves, or you cannot book clients in and they have to wait… and yes, they probably will go elsewhere.

So…. please have a think about it! You are investing in your business!

Also, another great idea is to personalise your campaign with a video of your fantastic and welcoming team and why they love working with you… all you need to do is pop the video on YouTube and we can add to your campaign!

To have a proper chat, please feel free to call either Kiara on 0406 690 297 or Sheryl on 0466 156 589.

Warmest Always,

Sheryl & The Team xx

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